Private Cloud

Private Cloud – Fortress Secure Cloud™

Fortress™’s secure cloud-based solutions allow you to quickly deploy Web, email and cloud security to all users, regardless of location. Even better, you can achieve this without needing to purchase or maintain hardware or software, which simplifies your network footprint and reduces your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Visibility into cloud security

Strengthen your ability to rapidly detect and analyze threats to data and applications that live in the cloud.
Minimized overhead — Eliminate the cost of buying, deploying, upgrading and maintaining on-premise hardware and software.

Maximized bandwidth

Free up local server capacity by offloading spam filtering and Web filtering to the cloud.

Ease of scalability

Expand Web security coverage to new offices or users with a few simple system configurations.

Automatic spooling for email backup

Ensure consistent availability of email in case your local systems go down.

Integrated Web and email security

Configure and manage Web and email security through a single user interface, thereby eliminating repetitive tasks, consolidating vendor support and reducing administrative costs.

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