Fortress Signal


VOIP and Conferencing

Web-based open source GUI (graphical user interface) that controls and manages you phone system and communication server. -VoIP -IP-PBX -SIP Trunking Circuits QOS-MPLS -PBX Collocation  


Subscription Based Solutions

Total End-To-End Turn-Key Service Fortress Signal is a national managed services provider of network, computers and IP based telephony.

Fortress Signal provides a total and complete end-to-end enterprise class computing and phone systems.


Modern Digital Phone Solutions Subscription Model Single Provider

Adaptable — Fortress Signal services can be made to interoperate most PBX switches with adaptation to Voice over IP protocols.

Feature Rich — Fortress Signal telephony solution offers a rich and flexible feature set. The Fortress Signal™ VoIP offers classical PBX functional-

Total Mobility – Fortress Signal voice services can be supported on most Laptop Computers, Workstations, and many Smart Devices such as for the iPhone, iPad, almost any smart device, anywhere there is a network.

Affordable — Fortress Signal offers the advanced features that are often associated with large, high end (and high cost) proprietary PBXs.

Always Powered – Multiple-Point power grid connection. Multiple gener- ators always storm-ready. Multiple battery-backup systems buffer generator… you won’t see a blip.


Fortress Signal telephony solutions offer rich and flexible feature sets. Advanced features often associated with large, high end (and high cost) proprietary PBXs are standard features with Fortress Signal.

  • ►  Personalized, interactive Switchboard for every user
  • ►  Voicemail for every user
  • ►  Personalized call experience (prompts, call routing, and more)
  • ►  Conference calling & individual conference bridges
  • ►  Mobile device support
  • ►  Built-in call queues & detailed queue reporting
  • ►  Music-on-Hold
  • ►  Personal call rules for every user
  • ►  Presence & Collaboration
  • ►  Voicemail-to-email notifications
  • ►  Additional language support
  • ►  Detailed reporting


IP Phone Technology for Business

Hardware is serviced with firmware upgrades, O.S. patches, component upgrades and periodic maintenance.

More Features– Fortress Signal telephony solution offers more than just dial-tone, it offers a complete unified communications system. Fortress Signal VoIP telephony solution offers you the ability to have a hassle-free phone system – simple, plug- and-play installation, low CAPEX and peace of mind that you have the features you need to provide your business a competitive edge.Here are only a few of the features included for one low price:

  • ►  ADSI On-Screen Menu System
  • ►  Alarm Receiver
  • ►  Append Message
  • ►  Blacklists: Screening malicious callers
  • ►  Blind Transfer
  • ►  Call Monitoring
  • ►  Call Parking
  • ►  Call Queuing
  • ►  Call Recording
  • ►  Call Retrieval
  • ►  Call Snooping
  • ►  Call Transfer
  • ►  Call Waiting
  • ►  Calling Cards
  • ►  Conference Bridging
  • ►  Database Integration
  • ►  Dial by Name
  • ►  Direct Inward System Access
  • ►  Distinctive Ring
  • ►  Distributed Universal Number Discovery
  • ►  Do Not Disturb
  • ►  Enchanced 911
  • ►  ENUM
  • ►  Fax Transmit and Receive (3rd Party OSS Package)
  • ►  Flexible Extension Logic
  • ►  Interactive Directory Listing
  • ►  Local and Remote Call Agents
  • ►  Macros
  • ►  Predictive Dialer
  • ►  Privacy
  • ►  Overhead Paging
  • ►  Protocol Conversion
  • ►  Remote Office Support
  • ►  Roaming Extensions